DIY Find: Ring Bearer Pillow | Florida Wedding Coordinator

April 1

Okay, we hope we’re not the only ones completely obsessed with the DIY network. If you haven’t checked out their website, you’re missing out on some seriously fun, and surprisingly easy to do, projects. Not to mention just looking through this site inspires us instantly! It actually has us hoping for a rainy day just so we have an excuse to stay inside and DIY the day away.

We found this simple sewing project that would be perfect for the crafty bride. A DIY ring bearer pillow! I can just imagine this pillow being used for generations to come. Just think of your granddaughter using it in her wedding one day (swoon!). The directions are straight forward and have pictures that go with each step. You truly can’t go wrong!

Happy crafting, friends! We’re looking forward to seeing all the fun things you create.

First Ever Favorites Giveaway – Shannon Reeves Events

March 30

Surprise, friends! Shannon Reeves Events is hosting our first ever “favorites” giveaway, and we’re pretty excited for one lucky reader to get this little package of southern goodies in their mailbox!

We believe that old-fashioned handwritten notes are the best way to express your feelings, and of course, you need some cute cards to do so. One of our favorite southern designers, Stephanie Creekmur, has an incredible website full of the most adorable pieces you could imagine. Her line of greetings cards is always fully stocked in our desks, and we want you to have some too! These cards are adorable, sweet and southern – perfect for every occasion.

Entering to win is easy as can be:

1. Visit Shannon Reeves Events on Facebook and “like” it

2. Find the post announcing our First “Favorites” giveaway and “like” the post

3. “Share” the post on your wall

Easy as that! You’re entered!

Enter by this Friday, April 3rd – we’ll announce the winner on Monday! Be sure to check back on our blog every Monday and Wednesday mornings for helpful planning tips, showcases of our favorite DIY projects, and all the exciting happenings here at SRE. We are so glad you stopped by today! Good luck!

Shannon & Taylor

Noteworthy Wedding Programs| Shannon Reeves Events

March 25

Wedding programs are a staple in any ceremony, so why not spice them up a bit? Straying just a bit from the traditional route is okay, and can even be a refreshing change for guests sitting in those pretty pews.  Since your programs set the tone for the rest of your Big Day, get your guests’ attention early, and then ‘wow’ them the rest of the night! We did some searching and found some adorably fun program ideas we’re pretty crazy about:

This is an adorable program from Bridal Guide that we just love. It opens like a book, and has a pocket on the inside for a tissue. Not only is it completely unique, but useful, too! Font and color is up to you so it can be completely customized.


Okay, confetti?! This idea is fun, and can even be a DIY project. We found it on Bespoke Bride! Have your guests ready to throw out that confetti as you walk down the aisle as Mr. + Mrs. – can you imagine how cute those pictures would be?

Another easy to do DIY project. Get your groom involved, and start rolling! Aisle Perfect shared this beautiful inspiration on their website, and we are really hoping one of our brides wants to try this out soon. Some yarn would work just as well as the ribbon, and this scroll is sure to be a hit!


A chalkboard is perfect for an outdoor or an indoor wedding, and agrees. It is so versatile and can be used at your reception site as well. This is a really great alternative to programs for our budget conscious (and/or environment conscious) brides! It would be a cute keepsake for you to keep after the wedding as well.

With all of our spring and summer weddings gearing up, we love to point our brides who are dreaming of an outdoor wedding to the fan program. It gets HOT down in Alabama, so we know that wedding guests greatly appreciate a program that doubles as a cooling system. Order yours from Paper & Lace on Etsy, or look up the hundreds of DIY options!

Weddings are all about celebrating your and your groom, so it has to be fun! Incorporating unique touches like these programs will have your guests ready to enjoy the night. We’d love to hear any ideas you have!

Happy almost-weekend, ladies! Stay tuned for a special Shannon Reeves Events giveaway coming soon! We’ve got some precious pieces from one of our favorite southern designers in our hands that we can’t wait to share with one lucky blog reader! Coming soon – we’ll keep you posted!



5 Unique Guestbook Ideas | Tuscaloosa Wedding Coordinator

March 22

Traditionally, as you walk into a wedding ceremony, you are greeted by escorts with a program and asked to sign a guestbook. We have seen more and more brides opting for a more unique guestbook option. Many brides want something they can use in their home after wedding day and truly cherish forever. Here are five fun ideas to consider:

1. Polaroid pictures- This is such a fun idea, and can be easily done! Pick up a couple modern polaroid cameras , set up a cute chalkboard, and have your guests snap away! Perfect keepsake, and your guests can take a copy home. A fun spin on the photo booth!
Photo from Aisle Perfect

2. Painted fingerprints- A beautiful picture for your new home! This is so fun to do, and your guests will love this unique touch. You can pick up a handmade one on Etsy, or even make it yourself (call on your crafty friends to help you out!).
thumb print
Photo from Li Wedding on Etsy

3. Wood pallet- Also a perfect piece to put in your new home! You can do so much with this idea because the painting and lettering is completely up to you.
Wood pallet
Photo from Typrose on Etsy

4. Advice cards- From date night ideas to how to handle a conflict, these advice cards will be cherished for many years to come. It’s also a cute way to get your guests to give you some advice that might really help you at some point!
guestbook cards
Photo from 11 Main

5. Time capsule- A fun DIY that is sure to be a guest favorite. Ask guests to share advice or a funny story about the bride and groom! This time capsule can be sealed and opened on your 20th wedding anniversary or on your 1st anniversary as you eat your wedding cake! An amazing memoir to have forever!
Time capsule
Photo from Plan a Wedding Now Blog

We hope these suggestions help you make your wedding fit your one of a kind personality! These are fun, thoughtful, and easy to do. Always be on the lookout for new and creative ideas! Never stop learning, new brides!

Have a wonderful week! 

Are Your Wedding Flowers in Season? | Southern Weddings

March 18

When it comes to building a budget, it is important to take into account your flowers. Flowers add the romantic touch to a wedding, and the staple to every bride’s attire. To keep your flower budget on check, you need to pick flowers that are in season. Sarah Campbell from Intrigue Design and Décor wrote an awesome article on Bayside Brides about choosing flowers that not only compliment your theme, but are in budget and season. Check out the article and the helpful graphic below to make sure those gorgeous peonies, lilies or dahlias (Shannon’s favorite!) will be blooming for your wedding!

Pick away, lovely brides!

Happy Wednesday!

5 Tips for a Short + Sweet Engagement | Alabama Weddings

March 12

Short and sweet, that’s how some of our brides like their engagement. With so many college and high school southern sweethearts down here in Alabama, our brides have been dating their grooms for years and years. Or maybe you’re the bride that has had everything picked out since you were 13. You are more than ready to tie the knot, so here at 5 tips for making your short engagement happen!

1. Get organized! We’re the queens of checklists and to-do lists so this seems like a no brainer to us, but you’d be surprised as to how many newly engaged women forget to get the ball rolling! In order to pull together the biggest event of your life, you have to make sure everything is in order. Stay organized and get to work! You can do it.

2. Shop sample sales. This cannot be stressed enough! We talked about this before when we looked at some budget-saving tips, but it’s important here too. Sample dresses are ready to be taken home on the spot! Even if you need some minor alterations, the wait will be nothing compared to a typical wedding dress.

3. Mail invitations ASAP. The faster you get your date set and your invitations out, the better the turn out. Skip the Save the Date and mail invitations at least six weeks in advance. If that’s not possible, you’re going to have to make some phone calls or emails first, then send out the invitations later.

4. Host a Friday or Sunday wedding. Another budget-saving tip that can also save you time. Most vendors and venues aren’t booked on Fridays or Sundays, so they are more willing to work with a shorter time frame. Not only that, but you might be able to find some really great deals on those days, too! It’s a win-win.

5. Hire a Planner. Duh, you knew that was coming right? Planners are ready to go, and can help you make choices fast. Time is of the essense, so don’t waste it consumed with all the little things a planner can easily handle.

Overall, enjoy your season of engagement and soak it all in. It is going to fly by, and the wedding will be here before you know it!

Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you back here Monday morning!


Photo from Erin & James’ Tallahassee wedding by Terri Smith Photo.

A DIY Find: Keepsake Necklace | Southern Wedding Planner

March 9

With all the crazy weather (and by crazy we mean 80 degrees one day, the next day we’re covered in ice, and now a week full of rain!) gripping sweet home Alabama lately, we’ve been on the hunt for the perfect, easy DIY project. We found this precious DIY keepsake necklace that incorporates pieces of your wedding gown. We’re sold. It seems really simple! Get some pieces from your gown during alterations, and fix up a little necklace – there you have it, a perfect keepsake that you can wear around your neck. Visit Something Turquoise to get all the details!

Let us know if you test it out, and of course, keep us in the loop of all the fun DIY projects you’ve done!

Happy Monday, friends!

4 Of Our Favorite Wedding Sites | Birmingham Event Planner

March 2

To stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry, wedding planners must be top notch researchers and readers, and we love every bit. We’re constantly on the hunt for the best Web sites and blogs, so when we saw Huffington Post Weddings’ picks for favorite unique wedding sites, we thought we’d pass our favorites along to you:

1. Guesterly – This website is so neat. When you’re creating your ‘welcome to town’ gift bags for out of town wedding guests, why not include a magazine featuring your love story? This is great if you have extended family coming to town and they have yet to meet your fiancé. Or you can pass them out at the rehearsal dinner! So many unique uses for this book. Also an opportunity to show off your pretty engagement photos!

2. Brideside – No tears or fights at the bridesmaids fitting! This site allows you to pick out dresses online, and find the perfect fit for each of your maids. They have a try-on-at-home policy, so it is guaranteed the dresses will look stunning on your big day!

3. The Bach – Okay, I love this. We southern girls love to plan bachelorette trips. In Tuscaloosa, we are close to some really amazing vacation spots. Nashville, Atlanta, the beautiful Florida coast – we can get to them all! On this website, you pick your destination, and it gives you suggestions about restaurants, salons, and transportation. You can even set your itinerary and invite bridesmaids to the page! So fun!

4. Southern Weddings – I mean, do we really even need to say it? We LOVE a good southern wedding, so we love Southern Weddings blog. If you’re looking to get inspired for your own wedding, head on over and feast your eyes on some gorgeous photos and let it help you as you pick your style + theme!

We love the classics like and, but always be looking for those sites by vendors who are local and unique, too! Share our blog with your newly engaged friends, if you think we can help them out a bit.

Happy Monday, friends!


Now what? 10 Things To Do After You Say “I Do” | Alabama Wedding Coordinator

February 25

If you’re the type that enjoys planning ahead (like us!), or if you just got married and are fresh back from your honeymoon – this blog post is for you.

Even after the wedding is over and all the coordinating has come and gone, you still have a to-do list that must be done! Here are our top 10 things to do after your wedding:

1. Mail out thank you notes, ASAP! Trust us, just get this out of the way. If you procrastinate, it will never get done. Go get a venti espresso from Starbucks and knock out those notes!

2. Review all your vendors on places like or Ask each vendor which platform they prefer!

3. Change your name! This low cost service offered by The Knot lets you change everything at once! AMAZING, right? (Click here to check it out + let us know how you like it!)

4. Freeze the top of your wedding cake for your 1st anniversary celebration. This is easy to do, and hopefully you can talk your mom or maid of honor into popping the cake in your freezer while you’re enjoying your honeymoon!

5. Get your gown clean and preserved. This is so important because you spent a lot of money on that beautiful dress and your future daughter might just want to wear it someday!

6. Make a day of it and head out to the mall to do your returns! You’ll most likely get some duplicate gifts, so go ahead and return or exchange them so you can check that off your list.

7. Speak to your accountant and figure out all the fun tax information (Spoiler: it’s not fun, but it must be done!)

8. Go to dinner with your parents. This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how busy you’ll be when you get into the groove of a new life! They paid for (or supported!) this wedding, so give them a call and grab a bite to eat.

9. Order all the gorgeous wedding photos and albums your heart desires!

10. Enjoy your first days, weeks and months as newlyweds! You’ll be figuring everything out and it will be a whole new way of life – but you’ll be doing it together. Congrats!

Now that you know what you need to get done, don’t put it off for one more second. Pull out a checklist, and get to work! You’ve got this.



Photo by Terri Smith Photo from Leah & Brian’s wedding

Cold Weather + Floral Paperweights|Shannon Reeves Events

February 23

This cold weather that has taken over Alabama has us wanting to get the biggest mug we can find, fill it to the brim with coffee, and spend hours upon hours perusing our favorite wedding sites. And maybe that’s what we’ve actually done today – just maybe (:

Lucky for you, while we were reading Jen Huang’s blog, we found this article about floral paperweights. She took dried petals from a bridal bouquet and handmade these gorgeous paperweights. Read the article here and see what you think! We may have just found you a DIY project for the days when the -2 degree weather makes you want to stay inside.

We love reading anything and everything about weddings. Have a blog you love to follow? Let us know!

Have a great week! See you again Wednesday.