Balancing Act – Oktoberfest and Taking a Break

October 8

Keeping the marriage-family-work-friends balance is a challenge sometimes.

Even though DC and I could have worked through the wee hours of the morning, or through the wee hours of next Saturday morning for that matter, we’re really making a big effort to keep a good balance between all that’s on our plates right now. So yesterday, after a whirlwind week, we closed our computers at 6 p.m. and made time for friends, ourselves and a little fall festival fun.

DC and I and our friends Crystal and Alex went to All Saints Hop Yard (a new experience for me!). The local spot used to be a Coca-Cola bottling plant, but now uses their big outdoor “yard” for local festivals, drive-in movies, wine and beer tastings and other special events. It was bustling last night because it was Oktoberfest! Perfect weather, food trucks, German beers, live music, local art, and so much fun catching up with my hubby and our friends.

People in Tallahassee LOVE food trucks! Who knew? Photo from here.

Off now to walk one very patient Yorkie and work on this business of mine. Happy Saturday!

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