Hello, Saturday!

October 22

Shannon Reeves Events had a B-I-G day yesterday! Not only did the company get a brand new shiny business bank account, my collateral arrived! I can now write notes on the most beautiful stationery I’ve ever seen. I can pass out business cards in gold and the lightest, prettiest shade of pink. I have whole big box of goodies with my name on it all. After almost a year of planning, I held it in my hands yesterday! I’m completely ready now. Bring on the weddings, baby!

I can’t wait until my Saturdays are filled with big, pretty weddings, but I think the things that are on my list for the next two days look pretty darn great anyway:

1. Lots and lots of Shannon Reeves Events fun. My business to-do list is becoming a little less daunting these days, so I’m really looking forward to knocking out even more of it over the weekend.

2. Lots of outdoor time with DC and Huck. It is so beautiful in Tallahassee right now! Bike riding is most definitely in our future.

3. Stopping by The Southwood House to peek in on what it looks like all fancied up for a wedding.

4. Seminole football (read: flipping back and forth between the game and Real Housewives of BH, which I still haven’t watched from Monday!). My sportswriter hubby will be at the stadium covering the game, so I must watch at least a little so I can impress him with my sports knowledge (which will actually never happen).

5. Working on bestie’s bachelorette weekend! Yay yay yay. Thoughts so far: Adorable house in a picture-perfect beach town along 30A, pretty girls wearing cute spring outfits (naturally), wine in rocking chairs on the porch, boutique shopping, evening antics in fun beach establishments, a super fun champagne-infused mini-shower and Sunday brunch to cap it all off. Put your party pants on, Linds!

Off to get started! Happy Weekend – hope it’s a good one!

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Hooray! I can’t wait – can we go next weekend? I’m wearing my party pants *right now* which might be frowned upon (they’re not exactly business attire).

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