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October 27

My oh my how time flies! I realized last night that it has been three whole weeks since Shannon Reeves Events launched! DC and I both have such ownership in our work now, and things have changed so much since we moved from Pensacola four months ago…


  • Waking up excited every morning because I’m doing the work that I love
  • Watching DC do the work that he loves (and doing such a good job!)
  • Meeting tons of new people in Tallahassee through Junior League, my husband’s work, and the very welcoming community of wedding vendors that live and work here
  • Making fun new friends!
  • Exploring this city as a professional married couple, which is a lot different than the 19 year-old college students we were when we lived here before! I remember when DC and I both had fake IDs and how nervous we were when we tried to order margaritas with them at Chilis. Chilis. Crazy rebel kids, we were.
  • Our neighborhood. Honestly, never moving away!
  • Our nightly glass of red wine

Not loving:

  • Not keeping up with the Kardashians, or Meredith and Derek (please tell me they’re back together) or my favorite fab lady, Lisa Vanderpump. I miss all the time I used to have for my shows!
  • Just as importantly, not having the time I used to have to check WhatKateWore.com. I must be behind on Kate’s outfit choices at least two months by now!
  • Sometimes letting it get dark before I get a chance to take Huck on his long walk. The short ones just don’t do it for him.
  • Not having as much time to plan and cook dinners for my husband. I really, really like putting nice dinners together, and this wife has been slacking.
  • My solid group of tell-anything-to girlfriends living three hours away
  • That everything is new, and that I don’t know everything about everything in my work and in my life. Perfectionist, perfectionist.

I’m confident that these things will work themselves out. I just know that I’ll learn to find a good balance between this work that I love and all the other things that make me happy. For now, I’ll concentrate on today, which I’m counting on to be pretty great. I have two meetings with two Tallahassee vendors that I couldn’t be more excited about, my brand new (virus free!) computer should arrive, I’ll be a busy bee working on my fun first event, and DC and I have dinner plans with a few of those new friends on the Loving list.

And I’ll find time to take Huck on his long walk, because I already promised him.

Have a good one, friends!

Tallahassee Vintage Map Sterling Silver Cuff Links via Etsy <—— Also great groomsmen gifts!

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  1. Those cufflinks are SO cute! Great find Shannon! I’m so happy you moved here and everything is taking off for you!!! Oh, and it’s very odd about Meredith and Derek. One episode they are still barely talking, touching, sleeping on opposite sides of the bed and the very next one they are all huggy and kissy again with no explanation. But they don’t talk about neuro at all. There, you’re up to date on the stuff I know! :-)

  2. Tammy Barney says:

    Good luck on your meetings today with more vendors. Kenny Chesney sings a song that reminds me of your life right now…The Woman With You” DC should sing that to you, well maybe NOT sing it, just humm it to you! =) have a great day!

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