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December 9

Hel-lo Friday! I’m so glad to see you! This week has been a doozie! My first event as a business owner was a huge sparkly success, I have a client meeting today to chat about a rehearsal dinner later this month and today is one of my best friends’ birthdays! Hope y’all had happy weeks! Congrats on making it to the weekend (almost)!

What we’ve been up to…
{Monday} Which of these pretty styles do you love for your big day?
{Tuesday and Wednesday} The very first Shannon Reeves Event!
{Thursday} Don’t forget to remember these tips as you hire and plan with your band or DJ.

Favorites from around the Web…
To say that this DIY featured on Glamour and Grace is romantic is an understatement.
The Party Dress Magazine brought us Florida gals something really fantastic – a coastal Christmas party!
Am usually not a huge fan of “trash-the-dress” sessions, but ooh-ed and aw-ed over this one on Floridian Weddings! Four couples and just look at their accessories!
Bridal Guide shares what not to do, because no one likes a bridezilla.

Off to get bundled up in cute flat boots and a coat! Client meeting at a beautiful Southern home today to plot and plan some late-December rehearsal dinner goodness and some strolling around the property is no doubt in order! See you Monday, friends!

Photo: Thanks to Ashley Daniell of Ashley Daniell Photography for this Friday eye candy!

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