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December 2

I start my post today by introducing Anthropologie’s Polished Platinum Dress. Isn’t she pretty? I really want her. Actually, need is more like it. (; Once, when we first started dating seven years ago, my husband overheard me talking to my girlfriends about a pretty purple dress I really wanted. A few days later, he had the dress sent to my house as a surprise! I wonder if he’s still that charming after seven years? (;

In other news, this has been such a spirited week! The pine and peppermint candles are out in the Reeves house, the tree is up and thanks to my friend Linds sending me this little gem yesterday (the article is so funny), I’ve heard Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You for the first time. It’s officially holiday time!

What we’ve been up to…
{Monday} Back in Home Sweet Tallahassee, but someone is already ready for another vacation.
{Tuesday} The story of building a brand.
{Wednesday} November: A Look Back
{Thursday} Welcome, December! Can’t wait for this.

Favorites from around the Web…
Genius from Glamour Weddings. (Thanks to my pretty friend, Alena, for this little giggle.)
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This is Glamorous shares an etiquette guide for the classic hostess, filled with beautiful-home eye candy.
Gifting a bride-to-be this holiday? Floridian Weddings rounded up the best little ideas for a soon-to-be-Mrs.

Happy Friday and Happy Almost-Weekend! Have a fabulous Saturday and Sunday, and I’ll see you back here on Monday! Thanks for reading this week!

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