Wedding Vendor Courtesy – 5 Things You Shouldn’t Skip

February 22

Usually, about a month before their wedding day, I give my clients a little cheat sheet – tips on handling important things they may not otherwise think about. Vendor relations is always on that list.

Since two of my close girlfriends are nearing that “one-month-away” mark, I thought I’d share a few of the tips on that list. Tips on keeping your vendors happy and grateful. Because happy vendors do their best for you, after all.

Whether or not you choose to leave your vendors gratuity – and how much you leave – is absolutely your choice, but since a successful wedding day is most definitely the result of great planning and hard working folks behind-the-scenes, it’s important to offer them a little something to show your appreciation.

I ask my clients to decide how much – and to whom – they would like to leave, create an envelope for each, enclose a quick note and appropriate tip and seal it up! I typically collect the envelopes during ceremony rehearsal the day before and distribute to the correct vendors, but they can be passed out at any point before, during or after wedding day.

One of my favorite tipping sheets from The Knot.

Trust Them
Seems simple right? Not always for some parties! I’ve been witness to many brides, mothers-of-the-bride and other wedding party members second-guessing and working behind decorators and florists as they set up on wedding day. It’s important to remember that you’ve planned for this day with them. The vendors are professionals. They know what they’re doing, and you’re almost certain to love the outcome. Let them worry about whether or not there are enough peonies in the guest book table arrangement and you concentrate on how rockin’ you look in that pretty gown of yours.

Feed Them
Don’t forget to account for your vendors when submitting your final guest count to the venue and/or catering team! For seated/plated affairs, I advise clients to seat (and feed!) all vendors who would otherwise just be standing around during dinnertime – i.e. photographers, videographers, sometimes DJs, etc. For band members and any other vendor who may need to be working during dinnertime, it’s still polite to set aside a plate and a designated space for them to enjoy dinner either before the event begins or during one of their breaks.

Send a Note
After you’re Mr. and Mrs., chances are, you’ll be quite the busy little bee writing thank you notes for all the gifts you received. Since you’ll have the pen and stationery out anyway, why not write a quick “thank you” to your vendors? Everyone loves to hear from happy clients, and there’s nothing like a handwritten note.

Spread the Good Word
Social media and online Web resources are big drivers of new business these days. Be sure to pop over to your favorite vendors’ Facebook pages, Wedding Wire accounts, etc. and leave some sweet words or a nice review. It will make their day, and also help other brides-to-be as they select vendors.

So there you have it – tips for my two pretty brides-to-be and for you. Remember these things and you’re golden, lovelies! Happy Wedding Wednesday! (;

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  1. Such great tips, Shannon! Thanks for sharing your insight!:)

  2. These are amazing tips Shannon! I’d love to add “photographers” in the “Trust Them” section!! Sometimes family members or friends (and occasionally even the bride and groom) will say “make sure you get this photo” or “did you get that photo”, etc. It can be very distracting for the photographer. Remember, you hired your photographer for a reason – because you love his or her photos!! Trust him or her to do the job and capture amazing photos from your wedding! :-)

  3. Lena says:

    Such fantastic tips!

  4. Tammy says:

    I am sure these are such simple but forgotten details that a bride overlooks. I am sure a million brides love your ideas of the sealed envelops before the Big Event so they won’t get forgotten in all the hoop-la of the day. As well as feeding the vendors.. Great idea, they certainly deserve recognition and gratitude for their hard work with a great meal…
    Great job.

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